"Wait, they're still alive?" - Wine about his step-siblings.


Wine is a male contestant on RUOS, With his teammates being Glowstick, Matchbox, and Candle.

Wine is calm and collected most of the time, but he gets a little anxious when stressed or pressured. He is claustrophobic, by the way. Wine is difficult to anger, but he will tell you off. That is if he isn't dozing off under the tree.

Wine usually likes to think about stuff beforehand, instead of acting on instinct. Moreof thinking how to not smash his head in.


While on the topic of his head, Wine is always regenerated with... wine in it. The confusing part is that he doesn't die if all the wine falls out, he faints. Wine dies only if his glass is smashed. Anything liquid can be put in his head cavity, even the weirdest of liquid concoctions, as long as it's not oobleck.

Hey, get your mind out of the gutter!

Wine can see ghosts, its just that hes not fazed and prefers to say nothing about them.

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Wine is the leader, as agreed by popular vote. Although he gets a tad bit annoyed by Candle's egotism, he doesn't really think everyone on his team is that bad. He's at a high rivalry with Diamond, and is majority of the time the one who gets delivered the sharp end of the stick. Poor guy. Maybe it's because Diamond thinks he's a fancier object than Wine? Who knows. Other than that, Wine is neutral or friendly with just about everyone else.

Even though many think Wine is annoyed by helping Broom constantly, hes not. It doesn't hurt to help people when you can, does it?


Wine is mostly seen under the tree, napping or just doing nothing. That's what we're all best at, anyway. Meanwhile in challenges, hes the brains.

Theres nothing here yet because theres nothing about what he did in the series because im a lazy frick.


(insert advent here ill do it another time)

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Why does Wine have appendages on the sides of his head? Nobody knows.

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